RBI - Foreign Exchange Department - Approval & Processing Time


Reserve Bank of India 🇮🇳
Sr.    Description of Service                            Time
 Trade Credit under approval route7 working days
 Approval for deviation from the extant framework for ECBs already availed under automatic route15 working days
 ECB - under approval route (excluding those under the powers of the Empowered Committee) 30 working days
 Foreign Direct Investment:
References/clarifications/approvals sought under extant FDI Rules/ regulations (should be invariably routed through AD banks)
30 working days
 References relating to reporting received from AD branches / individuals/ companies -15 working days
 Investment in Overseas Joint Ventures and Wholly Owned Subsidiaries (not covered by automatic route)40 working days
 Disinvestment of shares in Overseas Joint Ventures/ Subsidiaries - under approval route40 working days
 Other Overseas Investment under approval route40 working days
 Allotment of Unique Identification Number (UIN)Instantly auto generated by the online reporting system
 Permission for waiving GR Form formalities for exports@07 working days
 Set Off / Write Off@07 working days
 Export receivables / payables outside ACU mechanism@07 working days
 Refund / retention of advance@07 working days
 Resolution of I/EDPMS issues@07 working days
 Direct imports@07 working days
 Third country / Merchanting trade / Warehousing@07 working days
 Import receivables / payables outside ACU mechanism@07 working days
 Compounding of contraventions of FEMA180 days
@ The timelines stipulated pertain to disposal of cases at the Regional Offices (ROs). In respect of cases not falling within the delegated powers of AD bank/ RO and referred to Central Office (CO), the time taken for providing the service will be 20 working days from the date of receipt of application along with complete information/documents at CO. Cases involving policy issues will not be covered within these timelines.

Disclaimer -

The stipulated timelines are subject to receipt of the complete set of requisite documents for the necessary approval.
The stipulated timelines are not applicable for cases wherever an approval/no-objection/inputs/comments due diligence reports are required/sought from the Government and/or other external agencies, under FEMA, 1999 or Rules/Regulations thereunder or for other specific reason(s) and those referred to Empowered Committee for approval.


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